How To Pack For A Holiday With Just Hand Luggage

17 May 2023

Carry On Luggage

Space saving tips for holidays with just carry on luggage

We’ve all been there, from the surprise long weekend away with your partner to the bucks trips and everything in between, it’s not always ideal to take a full sized suitcase with you on that trip. Saving all of us from monster check-in wait times, is the humble carry on suitcase or holdall. Check out our tips for how to get it all packed into a smaller space for that trip.

Picking the right kind of luggage.

Guidelines state that carry on luggage must be able to fit in the overhead lockers and generally not exceed 56cm(H) x 36cm (H) x 23cm (D). Our range of hard shell carry on suitcases is absolutely perfect for popping into those overhead lockers and comes with heaps of space for stashing everything.

Carry On Luggage
Split Design

If hard shell isn’t your thing, our range of duffle bags might be better suited, but please check your airline carry-on luggage size allowance prior to travel.

Consider a Capsule Wardrobe for your trip  

A capsule wardrobe, is a range of separates from your wardrobe that all interchange and match each other. Fashion influencers and lovers of the minimalist trend swear by them.

An example capsule wardrobe pick for a weekend city break trip might be:

A pair of pants

A pair of shorts/skirt

Two T-shirts

Button Down Shirt/Dress

Light Jacket

1 x Sneakers plus 1 x Boots (worn on the plane)

Think less patterns, and more neutral colour blocking like browns, greys, whites and blacks. If you’re a die-hard colour addict, chuck in a bright scarf to keep you warm in cooler evenings, to cover up on the cold plane and to add a flash of colour.

An interchangeable outfit option means you still have variety within your clothing choices on your trip, but you don’t have to stress about packing the world if you don’t need!

We’re not saying wear all your heavy clothes on the plane, but using your capsule wardrobe to  create layers can offer even further divergence in your outfit choices.

Consider Packing Cubes

Once you start using packing cubes for your trips, it becomes a total game changer. Not only does it help to organise all of your things, including underwear and toiletries, they can also double up as mini ‘stash it’ laundry bags at the end of your trip.

We like to use our lunch boxes as an alternative-option for packing cubes in our suitcases, especially if you’re looking for something that matches your Herschel suitcase. The lunchbox will also double up for any hikes or little day excursions you might be planning on taking during your trip.

Lunch Boxes
Lunch Boxes

Rolling with it

When packing larger clothing items, we highly recommend rolling up your clothes to make use of space.

Shrink down those toiletries

Goes without saying that we recommend taking minimal toiletries, or at least tiny versions of your favourite lotions and potions so you can keep up that skincare routine on the road. We love to use our Travel Kit toiletries bags as an ideal option when we’re traveling